We love to show off all the different ways you can use our toys. We've made no secret that they're great for DIY projects. Did you know that DIY Animal Key Chains can be made using our TOOB® figures? They're super simple to make and they're a stylish addition to your keys!

DIY Animal Key Chain. This DIY project can be made with Safari Ltd TOOB toys. This one is a Dinosaur toy.


DIY Animal Key Chain Materials

In order to create this DIY, you need to make sure you have a small eye screw as well as a key ring with a chain. You also need your favorite TOOB® figure. For this project, we used an Iguanodon from our Dinos TOOB®.

This DIY Animal Key Chain will go great with your keys!

Follow these steps!

Once you have all of your materials, grab your eye screw. Forcefully screw your eye screw in the middle of the figurine. If you're having trouble getting the screw inside your figure, you can carefully use the tip of a thumbtack to create a small hole. Once your eye screw is inside, you can attach the chain and key ring.

Create your own DIY Animal Key Chain with our toys! They look great on your keys!


Almost done!

Double-check to make sure everything is secure and you're set! Add them to your keys to give them that Safari feel!

Feel free to add some fun to your new key chain by painting it your favorite color. We recently did this in our DIY Animal Jewelry post!


Have you ever created your own DIY project using our toys? Feel free to share your photos with us!

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