Need a fashionable way to keep all your rings in one place? Why not create a beautiful dinosaur ring holder using one of our brachiosauruses? These guys are herbivores so they won't eat you or your rings!

Dinosaur Ring Holder

The dinosaur craze has taken off this past year. With releases such as Jurassic World (Which our toys are in by the way!) and The Good Dinosaur, everyone has been turning their attention to these 45 million year old creatures! By simply spray painting our long-necked dino gold, we created a crafty DIY ring holder that can hold all of your rings in one convenient place! Fancy!

Dinosaur Ring Holder

Make sure when you spray paint the figure to let it dry first! Nobody wants tainted rings or fingers!


Have a crafty side? Show us using the hashtag #LOVESafari! We could feature your image on our social media pages!


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