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The story begins on October 13, 1921 in Elberfeld Germany, as Bernie becomes a new member of the animal kingdom family. Most animals born into the animal kingdom aren't allowed to choose their destiny, but the chordate phylum master sensed that Bernie was destined for greatness and allowed Bernie the ability to choose who he wanted to be.

Knowing that his father loved the great tennis player nicknamed "the crocodile", Bernie was immediately drawn to the reptile's class. The crocodylidae family welcomed Bernie with open arms. Being the revolutionary figure he turned out to be, he knew he would end up in America and choose his genus name to be Alligator.

Shortly thereafter, Bernie made his debut in America by landing in New York City. The fashionable, armored, young Alligator learned a lot of his stealthy moves while navigating the big city, but he knew he wanted to build his home in the swamplands. The freezing winters of New York City caused Bernie to hibernate in his gator hole, which made him miss his crocodylidae family.

In the 1930's, Bernie heard of a place called South Florida, the sunshine state "Home of the Alligator", and decided this would be a great place to make his home. Bernie's friends, the American Alligators, taught him about life as an alligator and what it means to be a loyal friend. His new friends told him stories about how their population started to disappear, but nice people established laws to protect them and got their population back up. Bernie took these stories to heart, so being the great thinker that he was he headed to Germany in the 1940's to defend his friends and unexpectedly find the love of his life, Rosemarie. Bernie wanted to show off Rosemarie to all his friends, so they traveled for the next few years digging hollows in whatever mud they could find. Bernie kept thinking about the friends he met in South Florida and how he grew to like the home of the alligator. Therefore, in the 1960's he and Rosemarie returned to Miami, Florida.

Bernie's spirit is ever so alive as he continues to spread the word on the importance of conservation, by creating Toys That Teach®...

Bernie and Rosemarie raised their little alligators in the lovely, muddy borrows and taught them about continuing this great genus. Bernie's youngsters grew up fast and started taking their own places within the animal kingdom, so he and Rosemarie began traveling again.

They both decided to return to Germany and rediscover the place where their hearts met. They started to hear about these places called zoos that were helping some of their friends stay alive when they couldn't find a safe home. Bernie and Rosemarie decided to head to the Munich Zoo to see some of their German friends and learn about how the zoo was lending a helping hand.

This trip was where Bernie's true destiny was discovered. He and Rosmarie found an awesome card game that sparked their next great idea. Safari Ltd® was born in 1982 creating Toys that Teach® all about nature and its conservation through the joy of play. Bernie and Rosemarie did everything they could throughout their lives to educate people about the beautiful animal kingdom and how to protect it. Today, Bernie's spirit is ever so alive as he continues to spread the word on the importance of conservation, by creating Toys that Teach® to pass on generation to generation.