Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Bernie Bucks Program?

Bernie Bucks is Safari Ltd's Rewards Program. You can earn Bernie Bucks on our site and social media accounts for activities like referrals and purchases. Cash in your Bernie’s Bucks for a coupon code to save on your next Safari animal figurine, dinosaur, dragon or other toys.


2. Who can join?

Anyone who makes a purchase on our store is automatically enrolled.However, if you choose to checkout as a guest, you won’t earn Bernie Bucks on your purchase. Enroll today and you will receive bonus bucks at signup.




3. How do I earn Bernie Bucks?

You can earn Bernie Bucks for all sorts of activities, including following our social pages and making purchases online. To see all the ways you can earn points click the Bernie Bucks link at the bottom of every page.

4. Do I get Bernie Bucks for every dollar I spend?

Yes! For every dollar you spend online (not including taxes and shipping) you get one Bernie Buck.

5. Is there a limit to the number of Bernie Bucks I can earn?

No. Go ahead and earn as many as you can!

6. How do I view my Bernie Bucks balance?

Easily view your balance by clicking the Bernie Bucks icon at the top of every page. If you don’t see your balance, you may need to login here.

7. How do I redeem my Bernie Bucks?

Make sure you are logged in to your account. Once logged in, click the Bernie Bucks icon at the top of the page and follow the steps to redeem. 

8. Do my Bernie Bucks expire?

Bernie Bucks can be used up to 12 months from the date they are earned. The Bernie Bucks you earn for each order you place at will expire one year after the order is placed.

9. I have multiple accounts, can I combine my Bernie Bucks?

Unfortunately, we are unable merge Bernie Bucks from multiple accounts.

10. What do the 'approved', 'pending' and 'cancelled' Bernie Bucks statuses mean?
  • Approved: These Bernie Bucks can be redeemed on rewards immediately
  • Pending: These Bernie Bucks need to be verified before you can redeem them. This typically applies to purchases and referrals. Bernie Bucks are added to your account 30 days after your payment is posted. 
  • Cancelled: These Bernie Bucks will not be added to your account. For example, this will happen if you cancel a purchase (the points will change from pending to cancelled)
11. I completed a transaction but didn't earn Bernie Bucks!

Oh no! Either you may not have been logged in, or we may still be processing your transaction. Reach out to us online and we’ll get on the case.

FYI: Bernie Bucks at only available to registered, logged-in members, and are not awarded to prior purchases.

12. Can I use my Bernie Bucks during checkout?

Absolutely, once you redeem your Bernie Bucks for a coupon code, you can use that code to redeem during the checkout process.

13. Can I redeem my Bernie Bucks and a Coupon at the same time?

Bernie Bucks are redeemed by using a coupon code.

This cannot be combined with any other coupons or promotion.