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Passion, Pride, Perfection

At Safari Ltd®, we carefully craft our product for the most perceptive eyes of all - those of a child. Our figurines are made with the utmost artistic and precise integrity. From research to meticulous artwork, each authentic, quality figurine goes through a detailed process before it hits the shelves.

Our toys are specialty lifetime treasures that don't have to stay on the collection shelf.

Sculpting Magic
Our group of sculptors and artists, who have expertise in different animals and mythical creatures, meticulously research and study every animal's anatomy prior to creating a lifelike model. Each product is then manufactured in that model's likeness and hand painted with delicacy...

Painting by Hand

Once the sculpt is finished, our professional artists carefully paint each toy, detailing every nook and cranny- making no two Safari Ltd® figurines exactly alike. This added layer of uniqueness is another reason kids, adults and collectors love our figurines!

Our artists carefully choose the colors based on the actual animal in order to ensure authenticity. If the creature is only real in our minds, they use imagination and childhood spirit to bring it to life! It's a thorough process that is part skill and creative vision.