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What is a Safariologist?

Good question, we get that a lot. A Safariologist is someone who loves our toys and wants to share that love with their audience. Our hand-picked Safariologists are influencers who help spread the word about Safari Ltd on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, or their personal blog. Dinosaur fans, moms and dads, DIY crafters, educational bloggers…anyone who loves our educational figures and knows how to express and share that love with an engaged audience is a perfect fit.


What does a Safariologists Do?

Safariologist influencers think of innovative and inventive ways to showcase our figures. How they showcase them varies according to what their brand is. Safari Ltd provides the figures, and the Safariologist comes up with an interesting way to share them with their audience. Here are just a few examples:

  • Some of our Safariologists are focused on raising and teaching children. They might post Montessori-inspired educational activities like matching games and sensory bins.
  • Other Safariologists might be super crafty, and feature a Safari Ltd figure in a blog post or video where they use it for a cool DIY activity.
  • Some might want to just to talk about the figure and share their thoughts about the sculpt, the paint, the pose, and anything else that can think of in a review on their blog or YouTube channel.
  • Another Safariologist might be great at taking pictures, and might feature a Safari Ltd figure on their Instagram account showing off their photography skills.


What Does it Take to be a Safariologist?

Safari Ltd truly wants the best of the best to be our ambassadors. Do you have what it takes? Here’s what we look for in our Safariologists:

  • Do they love Safari Ltd toys and appreciate the accuracy, educational value, and versatility of our figures?
  • Do they have an engaged and active audience online, whether it be on a major social media platform, a blog, or a YouTube channel?
  • Do they create unique, interesting, and family friendly content that aligns with the mission of Safari Ltd?

If you answered yes to those questions, then you could be our next Safariologist! Does this sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Do you want us to send you toys? Then just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon!