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Tried and True...

In 1982, Bernard and Rosemarie Rubel founded the family business after discovering an endangered species card game while visiting the Munich Zoo in Germany. Fueled by their passion to educate through the joy of play, they transformed that rummy game into a collection of museum-quality figures enjoyed by children, adults, educators and collectors alike.

Inspired by their passion, our family continues to create authentic figures that speak to the innate curiosity in all of us.

Today, Safari Ltd® is the only American family-owned manufacturer and worldwide distributor of more than 1,000 educational, hand-painted toys.

We invite you to Discover the Frontiers of your Imagination® with our Toys That Teach® ..

Nice to Meet You...

Alexandre Pariente is CEO of Safari Ltd®, American owned and family operated manufacturer and worldwide distributor of educational toys. His role with the company began at an early age in the warehouse of a young Safari Ltd®. He is now full owner since the retirement of his mother, Ramona Pariente, in 2014 after 28 years at Safari Ltd®.

"My grandfather was old school and believed I needed to work my way up. After proving myself, he one day invited me inside... And I never left."

Christina Pariente was appointed President of Safari Ltd® in 2014. Since then, she has brought a pragmatic and strategic approach to the business. During her tenure, Safari Ltd®; has consistently grown as a company and continues to evolve from a structural and business standpoint.

"I am definitely the more practical thinker," she smiles. "My background and natural thinking process tends more to the bottom line and how to keep things advancing from a business aspect."

Nice to Meet You...

At Safari Ltd®, we carefully craft our product for the most perceptive eyes of all – those of a child. Our quality figurines last a lifetime. They’re durable collectables your children can play with. Plus, there are tons of perks like fast shipping, safe and secure purchasing and Hot Deal sale specials every month!

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